The Dolly Parton Raffle is Almost Here!

I swear I didn’t plan to do an all-Dolly-Parton raffle again this year. It’s just that everything good in the world turns out to have a Dolly Parton theme.

Prize #1: Dolly Doll

1. This is not just any Dolly Parton doll. This is an official Dolly Parton doll. Clearly, you NEED this.

Prize #2: Dolly’s Dream


2. There is a lot going on in this “Dolly’s Dream” poster, so you might want to read up a little on your Dolly history to understand it all. That’s why this prize also includes a copy of Dolly’s memoir, My Life and Other Unfinished Business.

Prize #3: Dolly Picks 

Just playing along with some great Dolly records is for amateurs. Though these two albums, Here You Come Again and Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca are a good start. But real Dolly fans only use Dolly picks.

Prize #4: Dolly/Mustache Trilogy

Build your Dolly film collection with the Great Mustache Trilogy: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Burt Reynolds mustache), 9 to 5 (Dabney Coleman mustache), and Steel Magnolias (Tom Skerritt mustache).

Prize #5:

Dolly shares all her cooking secrets with you in Dolly’s Dixie Fixin’s. Of course, you will also need this red gingham heart-shaped apron to go with it. Because obviously Dolly would not approve of you cooking her mother’s recipe for Banana Pudding in just anything.