Queer Country Music

Welcome to the home of the Queer Country Quarterly, Queer Country West Coast, and the Gay Ole Opry!

Why queer country music? Because sometimes you love a culture that doesn’t love you back. And when everyone came to the first Gay Ole Opry in April of 2011 in all their country finery, we knew we weren’t alone. We do it because we love the music and want to build a community to support queer country musicians. We do it because everybody needs a honky tonk angel to hold them tight. We do it because we believe in country music for all.

We also do it because this is one way we fight for a different world. This means that many of our shows have been fundraisers for grassroots trans justice and Movement for Black Lives groups. We know that we can’t think about what it means to be queer in country music without also thinking about the relationship between country music and white supremacy—and that this means taking action.