October Queer Country Quarterly

The Queer Country Quarterly returns on Saturday, October 3rd at 8:00 pm ET! With Lilli Lewis, Mercy Bell and your faithful host, Karen & the Sorrows!

Watch here or on YouTube Live and we’ll also be streaming on the Karen & the Sorrows page on Facebook Live!

Please contribute if you can! Venmo @karenandthesorrows and your tips will help support the musicians.

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More about the musicians:

Mercy Bell
“Mercy Bell’s new self-titled album, released October 18, 2019, finds the queer Filipino-American singer and songwriter claiming her voice in a way that is personal and rapturous. A bicoastal upbringing in California and New England, followed by moves to New York and Arkansas before landing in East Nashville, give her a perspective on life that is broad, deep and uniquely American.” -Jeremy Darrow

Lilli Lewis
Lilli Lewis is an Americana soul artist, activist, and Label Manager and A&R Head of Louisiana Red Hot Records. Trained as opera singer and classical pianist, Lewis has been a composer, producer and performing artist for over two decades. After carving out space for herself as an African-American lesbian of size, Lewis is lending her voice to the music industry’s need to diversify its precepts about looks, sexuality and marketability. Lewis has composed in every tradition that inspires her, including soul, Americana, classical, folk, jazz, rock, gospel, blues, soul and R&B.

“If Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Odetta had had a baby, and that baby had had a baby, and that baby had had another baby… well that baby would probably be me,” she describes. Lewis has two recent critically acclaimed releases on Louisiana Red Hot Records, the 2018 solo piano album “The Henderson Sessions”, and 2019’s Lilli Lewis Project’s “We Belong”. Her highly anticipated third Louisiana Red Hot release “Americana” is due out on 12/4/2020.